Garth Herrick

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A native Pennsylvanian and graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Garth received the Cresson Memorial Traveling Scholarship in 1984, and numerous additional awards in recognition of his original artistic expression. Always a figurative painter, Garth naturally gravitated towards fine portraiture and has been actively painting  commissions for the past twenty years. Garth not only paints but has also developed a masterful approach to the discipline of sculpture. Between 1988 and 1991, Garth was internationally recognized for his original sculpture of "Il Cavallo", the colossal equestrian monument to Francesco Sforza, envisioned 500 years earlier by Leonardo da Vinci. This bronze horse 24 feet in height, has recently been completed and unveiled in Milan, Italy under the able hand of another sculptor; however Garth was the initiating sculptor.

Garth is always exploring new directions and has had an open approach to a variety of painting styles ranging from quite academically traditional, to photo realism, to impressionism.

Although his current body of commissions is primarily of Federal Judiciary and the current Democratic National Committee Chair, as the father of a young daughter, Garth has a strong affinity and sensitivity toward children's portraiture and sculpture.  Garth's work is included in over thirty corporate, private, and public collections, including the United States Historical Society for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and is included in the collection of mayoral portraits in City Hall, Philadelphia.