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Mark von Stein
Mark has truly made his life and art one. In both his New York and Sydney studios he has painted, videotaped, and photographically documented his "real life " creations. His titles include Margarita Picnic, Light it Up, and Voices from the Ancients. Mark is now painting a series, Maps from Sydney. These large, colorful puzzles have the excitement, confusion, and mystery attached to the experience of decoding a map. The expressionistic brushwork and pencil and pen marks are reminiscent of the urgent personal notes one adds to a map. His interest in travel, cartography, celebratory events and metaphysics make his artwork a living diary. Mark recently received his Masters of Art in Four Dimensional Studies from The University of New South Wales, Australia.

Following his exhibition, Nights of Civility, last February at the Grand Pacific Blue Room in Paddington, Sydney, von Stein received the prestigious fine arts award "Talent to Watch". His innovative approach to installation and his ability to include the audience in the creative process secured this recognition. Mark von Stein's paintings are colorful journeys.

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