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Meet the A team @ all2art…. We are a group of artists that have worked together in areas as diverse as designing stained glass for the front facade of a restaurant to developing a cohesive architectural corporate identity for a town square. All Together Art is a resource for contemporary artwork. We collaborate with you, the aesthetically minded.

Jane Runyeon
Jane Runyeon has been initiating and managing creative projects most of her life either for the artists or for the community.. In 1998, she officially established All Together Art, Inc. Integral to the companies philosophy is selecting artists and designers from various and sometimes unexpected disciplines to work on each project .There is great dialogue, insight and resolution inherent in this approach. In a time of specialization , All Together Art seeks to blend. Runyeon is an artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, and has taught painting and drawing at Albright College in Reading, PA. She continues to mentor younger artists. Her work is included in numerous corporate and private collections. Jane was featured in this article in the Reading Eagle.
Jenny Pakradooni
Jenny strives to make everything beautiful; whether it is a birthday cake, impromptu lunches in the studio or her still life paintings: we all agree she is the go “2” in All2art. She recently received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania College of Art&Design in Lancaster, PA. Since then she has painted two enormous1000+ square foot murals in the city of Lancaster , but her children, Nick and Ali are her masterpieces. Jenny’s mantras: -“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity,” (Plato) -“I trust contrariness.” (Seamus Heaney) She believes“to be contrary requires an honest energy of purpose and conviction that conformity lacks.”
Jim Ingraham
Jim Ingraham is truly all2art’s   “Jim-of-all-trades”.  Jim is a celebrated watercolorist, photo-realist oil painter, an expert carpenter, and an accomplished musician. He has a popular Learn How to Paint Series on you tube. For more than thirty years he has been exhibiting his beautiful landscape and seascape paintings in the northeast USA . His artwork is part of many corporate and private collections.

Lynn Redding
Lynn received the International Association of Lighting Designers Award in 1995 for her "masterful integration of architecture with electrical and natural light sources" created for the TV Film Production Company warehouse building in New York City's Lower Manhattan. She has worked on many significant projects, including Ellis Island, the Los Angeles Central Library, the Seattle Art Museum and Carnegie Hall. Lynn's passion is solving the unique puzzle of each project, whether it is to provide drawings to convey and consolidate choices, or to come up with an appropriate lighting solution and see it through to completion. She also designs quilts and plays the harp.

Jani Wolf
Jani is our resident Jill-of-all-trades! She applies her artistry through computer-based graphic design and creative writing. Her independently published first novel, For the Eagle’s Heart, is a captivating tale of the Tlingit Indians in Alaska and the integration of their mythical and symbolic culture into the modern world. The upcoming film production of Maasai, Maasai will be Jani’s first foray into the world of screenwriting. A fourteen year partnership in British Conservatories, a fabrication and design company specializing in fine glass houses, has expanded her talent and skills in carpentry, glazing, ceramic tile, HVLP paint applications, plus general renovations and remodeling.

Mark Ratcliffe
Mark Ratcliffe's earliest artistic projects were creating set designs and and costumes with his mother, the director of the Community Theatre in San Luis Obispo, California. This developed into a career as a commercial interior designer and a retail visual display artist. Ratcliffe has been responsible for innumerable Godiva Chocolate Store renovations, Christmas, and Valentine's Day store installations. His creations include helping to begin the revitalization of WEST READING when he transformed SALONS into The Hard Bean Café. Other inivative projects include Natural Fold Stationary, Chill Lounge, and Thirstaid Cafes. Most recently Mark has been developing The Twisted Pretzel, a website devoted to cool happenings around town and to Oive Park:Links, stylish oversized cuff links. All2art’s studio renovation at 18 Catherine have been guided by his design finesse.
Mark von Stein
For the last 20 years, film, video, painting and sculpture have been the dominant artistic media that Mark von Stein has been exploring. He received a BFA from Syracuse University and a Master of Arts from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. His wide reaching knowledge and intuitive understanding of the marketplace have been instrumental to the ongoing development of All Together Art.
Meadow Lark
Director of Human Resources. Meadow is a German Short Hair Pointer. She is a pro at pointing out the finest talents, extreme tail wagging equals membership on the "A" team.

Fun Facts:

We sipped expresso with Liza Minelli
chased rhinoceroses in Burma on an elephant
climbed out on the roof of the main branch of the New York Public Library
artificially inseminated 3000 cattle
delivered balloons as a singing clown
owned a cigar club
taught water-skiing
was on a small boat when hit by lightning
played a Steinway piano with Henry Steinway

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